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The Blinders

Live at The Ritz Double Vinyl

Double LP £25.00

Release Date: 29/11/2019

Discs: 2

The Blinders: Live at The Ritz

Exclusive live recording of The Blinders from the Ritz Manchester on a limited edition double LP.

Side A
1. Gotta Get Through
2. Brave New World
3. Ramona Flowers
4. Wither

Side B
1. Free The Slaves
2. I Can't Breath Blues
3. Where No Man Comes
4. Forty Days Forty Nights
5. Ballad Of Winston Smith

Side C
1. L'etat C'est Moi
2. Hate Song
3. Lunatic With A Loaded Gun
4. Rat In A Cage

Side D
1. Et Tu
2. Brutus
3. Orbit [Salmon Of Alaska]
4. Swine